Welcome to 2013 International SCILAB&OW2 Open Source Software Contest!

2013 Scilab&OW2 Open Source Software Contest will be held in Oct 23-24, 2013, National University of Defense Technology.


SCILAB is the famous open source software for scientific computing. Originally created by INRIA, the Scilab Consortium has joint in July 2008 the Digiteo Foundation, first world-class research in the France area, dedicated to Information Science and Technology. Since more than a decade, SCILAB has been extensively received by scientists, engineers, technicians and practitioners in both academia and industry. It has been recognized as the best substitute for commercial software like Matlab, Xmath and Matrix, and is being distributed currently at the speed of 50,000 copies per month in all over the world.

SCILAB has brought us not only powerful functions in scientific computing, but also its free spirit of open source. At present, the Scilab Consortium Research and Development Team is devoted to developing and promoting the open source software to the world, particularly in China. The free spirit of open source software and technology makes far-reaching sense to China's software industry in terms of liberalization from the international Commercial software companies. Therefore, research institutes and governmental sessions concerned in China and France have co-developed and been supporting SCILAB activities in China. From this point of view, SCILAB promotion in China has set up a broad bridge between the researchers in China and in France, and it provides the opportunities for Chinese researchers, engineers and students to study and express their talent by means of competition and communication with Chinese and French industrial partners. Since 2002, the SCILAB competition has been arranged in China once a year under the auspices of LIAMA, SCILAB university partners, and INRIA in France. The nine annual events were held in Shanghai, Xi'an, Xiamen, Wuhan, Hangzhou, foshan,Liuzhou, Guiyang, Ningxia and Beijing respectively.

Competition Purposes:

    (1) To gain programming skill and talent on Scilab.
    (2) To develop novel teaching and research results through software.
    (3) To enhance the cooperation nationally and internationally.
    (4) To advocate scientific spirits of "freedom, sharing and innovation".

Submission of the module:

With each module you have to give:
    • One page in English with the name of the module, the authors and their affiliation, and a brief description of the module.
    • A paper in English which describes the requirements for using the module such as the operating system (Windows, Linux…), the compilers (C, C++…), the libraries (JAVA…), Scilab version and other relevant information if needed, together with a small user’s guide which explains how to install the toolbox with Scilab.

Technical points :

The purpose of these technical points is that your module can be used by other people using Scilab. After the requirements for using the module are fulfilled, the user must be able to use the module with his standard Scilab version. This is an important point because then your module can be put on Scilab Web site and so be easily available for all Scilab community.
    • The Scilab distribution that must be used for the contest is the official stable version 5.3 or higher. It can be downloaded from Scilab Web site www.scilab.org or www.scilab.org.cn.

    • The module will be given as:
            -- A compressed file using standard file compressor such as zip or gzip. The compressed file must only include the module and possibly all what is necessary to use it (such as additional libraries for instance): the module must work with standard Scilab versions already installed.
We recall that for building and loading modules into Scilab, standard way must be used. For that you can find the model of a standard module in Scilab distribution: SCI/contrib/toolbox_skeleton.

         -- A better way is to use ATOMS http://atoms.scilab.org/. So your module will be loaded automatically from Scilab.
    • The module must include on-line help files describing its purpose and the on-line help of each user callable Scilab function if any. The help files must be written using the standard XML language using Scilab DTD.

    • A demonstration of the module, using for instance Scilab “demo” files, will be appreciated.


Academic staff and students of university and research institute, engineers of industrial and business organizations, and all other professionals.

Award Selection: The Award Selection process includes three stages:

    (1) Shortlist of entries by an Expert Team.
    (2) Peer-evaluation on the Internet, and.
    (3) Final selection by French and Chinese Scientists.
     In the first stage, 22 works will be shortlisted from all the received submissions. Peer-evaluation on the Internet will be made by all contestants. Finally, the French and Chinese Scientist Team will decide on the awards to be given, taking into consideration the results of the first and second stages.

Official Language:

 The official language will be English.


  • First prize : 2 awards (10,000RMB/award):
  • Second prize : 10 awards (1,000RMB/award)
  • Third prize  : 10 awards (500RMB/award)  

Important Deadline

  • Deadline of registration: Aug. 25th, 2013
  • Deadline of work submission: Aug. 25th, 2013
  • Awards Ceremony: Oct. 23, 2013 


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